About Us

CFS is a fee-only advisory firm that provides our individual and small business clientele with customized financial planning and investment consultation services.

Joe Combest established Combest Financial Services in 1999. Recognizing the importance of independent, objective and competent advisors, Joe has built a practice that emphasizes high quality service and advice. As part of a continuing effort to enhance our advisors’ objectivity and flexibility, Combest Financial Services is a state registered investment advisor in Oklahoma and California. Our corporate home is located in Duncan, Oklahoma.

At CFS we believe that highly competent professional advisors are the critical factor in helping our clients to define and achieve their personal financial objectives. We understand that the client-advisor relationship should be one built on a solid foundation of trust. CFS has been a fiduciary since 2005, working in the best interest of the client.  Any advisor affiliated with CFS will either hold the Certified Financial Planner credential or be required to earn it soon after joining the firm.

About our Services

We offer financial planning and investment counselling services to our clientele based on the following six-step process.

  1. Establish and define the client-planner relationship.
  2. Gather client information, including goals, needs, and risk tolerance.
  3. Analyze and evaluate client’s financial status.
  4. Develop and present financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives.
  5. Implement the recommendations.
  6. Monitor the recommendations and adjust as needed.

Establishing a financial plan that’s right for you

We will help you create a financial plan to fit you specifically. Each plan will be different dependent upon your goals and needs. It is a common mistake to choose investments before carefully examining financial status, something we will help you avoid. Your financial plan will be well thought out and continuously monitored and updated. The CFS approach is highly disciplined as we diligently guide you through all six steps, as explained above.  While it is impossible to guarantee investment returns, we can help you become a better investor. Working together we will help you create an effective financial plan and investment portfolios customized to your needs and comfort level.