Say goodbye to summer, and give a warm welcome to Fall

Say goodbye to summer, and give a warm welcome to Fall

by Caitlin Combest on Jul 24, 2017

Summer is coming to a close and with that school is just around the corner. This means you have a list of things to do before that first day back. You have back to school shopping, schedules to change, and no time to waste. So before your head starts spinning thinking of everything you need to get done take a look at this list I have created to help you avoid the “back to school stress”.

Go ahead and take a deep breath. Now get online or head to your local Walmart and get that school supplies/book list. For the younger ones it’s always better to have this stuff ahead of time and for those of you who might need text books you might want to hold off until that first day back. Although most supply lists are pretty reliable that is not always the case and you definitely don’t want to buy something you won’t need. Get the essentials (notebooks, pencils, pens, binder, highlighters, and maybe even your own mini stapler) and hold off on anything you might have a question about. When it comes to clothes shopping keep it cheap yet fashionable, dress code approved, and fall weather ready. Target, American Eagle, JC Penny’s, Kohl’s, and even garage sales are great ways to get everything you need at a reasonable price.

During the summer parents still go to work, teens have part-time jobs, and kids have an abundance of free time. So it’s a given that once school is back on the planner makes a huge comeback. Time management is very important for the individuals and families alike and a planner, wall calendar, or phone reminder can really help. As soon as you get a syllabus write everything down, and after that you can write in sports schedules and other extracurricular activities. If you have standing appointments or meetings make sure you get those down, and then make sure you schedule some you time. This can be yoga, walking the dog, reading a book, watching your favorite TV show, or anything else that puts a smile on your face. Fall can be a very busy time and that is why it is extremely important to put aside some time to decompress.

After reading this I hope you feel you have more of a handle on what’s to come. Back to school stress is very probable but very avoidable when you take time to break things down. So go ahead and get a little head start on these back to school festivities so they won’t be a chore later!