Why Saving Pays

Why Saving Pays

by Caitlin Combest on Jul 19, 2017

As responsible adults we all know the good that can come out of saving our money. We can get ourselves out of debt, live a less stressful life, and even plan a spectacular getaway. That sounds good doesn’t it? Well, somewhere along the road this message gets lost in space because life happens and the plans we have made to save are put on the backburner. Saving isn’t easy but there are many tips and tricks to get you on the right track. Here are just a few:

1. Bring Back the Piggy Bank

Keeping your change can turn a few coins into a few hundred. Before you know it you’ve just exchanged an annoying clutter of coins into something you can be proud of.


2. Split your wages

Sit down and come up with a monthly estimate of expenditures. This should include necessities for the month and a little something extra for you. After you have come up with the amount subtract it from your paycheck and put the left over portion into your savings account.

3. Use what you buy

Too often we buy what we think we need but in the end it just ends up costing us. This can apply to the food we buy and end up throwing out or the article of clothing we just have to have that soon ends up in a garage sale after wearing it once. If you don’t have a plan for it, you don’t need it.

4. Be Timely

Pay your bills on time and avoid penalty charges. By simply marking your calendar you can help yourself remember and save.